Tuamotu-bluewater-spearfishing in French Polynesia

Our guide "G" offering you some World records fishes spots

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2016 " G " guiding you to his spots for World record sizes fishes such as WAHOOS and DOGTOOTH TUNAS
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Giant WAHOOS , giant DOGTOOTH tunas , giant MARLINS ,  Giant GT .



there are 2 possible options to choose from :
# ) first one is :

For the Place named Rikitea in the Gambiers archipelagos where is optimal season from november to end of march the rates are : Prices are established in XPF local currency attached to Euro , other currency are only indicative and are fluctuating upon the Xrates market .

domectic flight Tahiti -PPT--> GMR = 70 000 xpf = 70000 xpf = 586 Euros usually w 20 kgs luggage if passengers are from INTL flights arrival there are some Z class  tickets w 50 kgs luggage around 95000 xpf = 1015 usd 

"G"  guide fees are : 
1) his domestic flight cost  from PPT to GMR .
2) day fees :  Guide fees per day : minimum 50 000 xpf for 1 person or 2 persons and 60 000 xpf for 3 spearos to be divided in between the number of persons .
   50000 xpf= 418 euros 
   all days there will be charge even if spearos wants to rest one day from the week there.
3) boat fee including captain / crew and gas = 60 000 xpf per day / 60000 xpf = 500 euros 
4) Lodge fee : 12 000 xpf per night per person  including breakfast / lunch sandwiches and soft drinks on the boat and dinner with wine : 12000 xpf = 100 Euros

there are no ATM there for the moment  , no bank as well no change  and better to come w cash in local money XPF or at least Euros .

there best would be a maximum of 3 spearos but as there are 2 boats there and enough rooms , 6 could be also a possibility with a second guide .

please note there are 1 flight per week on tuesday  coming back on tuesday and 1 week every 2 weeks another flight on saturday both departures are early in the morning , requesting you to be at Air Tahiti domestic desk around 06h30 AM to be sure to register yr luggage .
so a tuesday to tuesday could provide you a 6 days spearing trip but i presume a longer stay in French Polynesia due to INTL connections .

second one is for the place where John Pengelly was and where WAHOO and DOGTOOTH tunas World records were established on 17th and 18 th September 2014 .

domestic plane are on monday/ wednesday and on Friday / return are on monday /wednesday or friday .

also please note the spearfishing locals rules over there :

1) Dogtooth tunas = 1 fish speared per week of stay per person what ever you land it or not! ( so better to choose the good one and to place a good solid shot this to avoid pistoleros to come in safaris )
2) no more than 3 spearos .

the costs are :
#) Guide domestic flight costs .
#) Guide fees per day : minimum 50 000 xpf for 1 person or 2 persons and 60 000 xpf for 3 spearos to be divided in between guests .
#) Boat fees per day to be divided in between the guests : 50 000 xpf per day what ever if in once or twice ( often they goes early in morning for wahoos come back in mid morning ..get lunch and goes back for afternoon around 3 PM for dogtooth tunas )
#) Lodge fees per night per person including breakfast / lunch /dinner/ sandwiches / snacks for boat / soft drink / internet . 
#) PACKAGE cost for Domestic Air Tahiti + lodge for 1 week = 100 000 xpf ( 1000 $ USD ) 

the rates are established  in XPF or Euros ( usd is based on today currency and could be different )

50000 xpf= 418 euros = 500 usd = 675 aud =750 nzd ( 09.2015 Xrates may vary )

there are no ATM there , no bank as well no change  and better to come w cash in local money XPF or at least Euros .
The location island might change for another one upon the years . 




2015G/MILKFISH.25KGS.WORLD.JPG 2015G/PoemaWOMANWORLDRECORDBLUEMARLIN.jpg 2015G/iusaWRwahoo.jpg 2015G/Poema.wahoo.1.Tahiti.Moorea.jpg
2015G/Rick.Doggie.59Kgs.jpg 2015G/DOGTOOTH.TUNA.W.R.109.Kgs.jpg 2015G/109.jpg 2015G/Wahoo.WR.Team.jpg
2015G/Yury.day.1.73.kgs.jpg 2015G/Yury.Mike.G.jpg 2015G/Rick.aimrite.jpg 2015G/Rick.Aimrite.Wahoo.sept.2015.jpg
2015G/Oleg.wahoo.2.jpg 2015G/Oleg.Team.jpg 2015G/Oleg.team.2.jpg 2015G/Oleg.Wahoo.jpg
2015G/Oleg.jpg 2015G/Kiwi.wahoo.jpg 2015G/Oleg.Mahi.C.jpg 2015G/john.109.UW.C.jpg
2015G/109.KGS.WORLD.RECORD.DOGTOOTH.TUNA.jpg 2015G/14.wahoos.John.Pengilly.jpg 2015G/John.Pengelly.Wahoos.jpg 2015G/2.spearfishing.world.records.in.2.days.jpg
2015G/WORLD.RECORD.DOGTOOTH.TUNA.jpg 2015G/WORLD.RECORD.WAHOO.jpg 2015G/Dogtooth.tuna.WR.240.Lbs.18.sept.2014.jpg

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